Full Advertising Package

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Full Advertising Package


- Your book will be the book of the month, which means it will be promoted throughout the website and social media platforms for the duration of that month.

- Your book will be reviewed on our magazine (a review copy must be provided)

- Your book will be photographed and featured on our Instagram page

- Review will be on the front page for a minimum time period of 2 weeks

- Review will be tweeted and linked on our Facebook page

- The book will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter page four times a month. (separate to review posts and book of the month posts)

- Your book will be featured in one article that month (separate from the book of the month post)

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This package is only available for purchase once per month.

Following the purchase of this advertising package, a review copy will need to be sent to YA Love Magazine (ebooks are accepted, although in order to be photographed for our Instagram page, a physical copy needs to be received) in order for the book to be reviewed on the website. All reviews on YA Love Magazine are honest and optimistic, pointing out the positives to any book even if the reviewer didn't feel the book was a good fit for them personally. This keeps the integrity of the magazine, as well as helps promote the book. This review will be posted on the home page of YA Love Magazine for a minimum of 2-weeks, but will remain on the website indefinitely under the Book Review section. The review will also be shared on the websites Facebook and Twitter pages. Separate to the review posts on social media, the book itself will be promoted on the YA Love Magazine Facebook and Twitter 4 times that month with links to the Amazon/Goodreads pages so viewers can check out the book themselves. 

The book will also be featured in one new article during that month written by one of our writers, which will be shared as per our regular social media schedule (at least twice a month, with the possibility to be shared more frequently as part of our "from the archives" series. The topic of this article is entirely up to the YA Love Magazine writers, but will include the book in a positive light and will act as a promotional tool for the author. 

Once a package has been bought, the purchaser will receive an email from YA Love Magazine expressing which dates their package will run from. Once this time period has started, a refund cannot be issued. If you have any problems with your purchase or would like to discuss the packages further, please contact us on admin@yalovemag.com