New Release Promotion

New Release Promotion


- Your new release will be featured in the "just out" and "new releases" pages for 3 months.

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Your new release YA book will be featured on our "new releases" page the month it is due to be published, for that entire month. This post will feature an image of the book cover, synopsis and Amazon and Goodreads links. Once that month is up, the post will be featured on the "just out" page for two months - one month in the "releases from the last month" section and one month in the "releases from previous months" section. 

Once a package has been bought, the purchaser will receive an email from YA Love Magazine expressing which dates their package will run from. Once this time period has started, a refund cannot be issued. If you have any problems with your purchase or would like to discuss the packages further, please contact us on