Social Promoter Package

Social Promoter Package


- Your book and/or author page will be promoted twice a month on both Twitter and Facebook, with a link of your choice.

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This package is only available for purchase 10 times per month.

With a variety of choices of promotion, we will promote your book/social media/author website twice a month in this package. You can choose what you would like to promote and what link(s) you would like to include, draft your own messages for us to share or give us the basics and have us do the writing for you. Your Facebook posts can be longer and include multiple links, but your Twitter information must be able to fit into one tweet.

All content must be YA/Teen appropriate and can be declined at the discretion of YA Love Magazine (a full explanation of the reasons behind this decision will be provided along with a full refund.) 

Once a package has been bought, the purchaser will receive an email from YA Love Magazine expressing which dates their package will run from. Once this time period has started, a refund cannot be issued. If you have any problems with your purchase or would like to discuss the packages further, please contact us on