Benjaminoftomes Book Release!

By now, we're all kind of fed up of Youtuber's books and their sometimes-alright-sometimes-mediocre content. However, in no way shape or form does that apply to Booktubers. Booktubers LOVE books, they live for books, and a lot of them love writing too. One of our absolute faves, Benjaminoftomes, otherwise known as Ben Alderson has written his own book, shortly after starting his own publishing company and we could not be more excited!!

We don't want to take away his thunder, so we won't tell you anything about the synopsis, but if you watch his video on his Youtube channel HERE, you will see the gorgeous cover, hear about the amazing fantasy LGBTQ storyline of the book and he also lets you know how you can pre-order the book (and get an exclusive signed piece of artwork for the first 100 pre-orders!) Let us know your thoughts and make sure you go and pre-order the book! 

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