Best Soppy YA Books for Valentine's Day!


Valentine's day is next week and although I'm feeling pretty bitter and single at the moment, I can't resist a really good YA romance that just makes my heart melt. If you've been in the YA community a while, you'll probably have read quite a few of these books, as they're well-known as being excellent YA reads. Also, writing this brought up some of my all-time favourite books that I haven't read in years, so I'll definitely be pulling these down off the shelves to binge-read this Valentine's season! 

1. Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss, or just about any one of the three books in this companion series from Stephanie Perkins are the ultimate soppy romance reads. Anna is my favourite of the three, but they're all amazing books. Anna is loving her life in Atlanta, but when her father sends her to an American boarding school in Paris, she must learn to live in the city of love all on her own. Luckily, she meets some amazing people, including her new best friend Etienne St. Clair who she begins to have confusing feelings about. This book is as cheesy as you'd imagine, but it's so, so lovely. 

2. Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park is by another amazing YA author who is hugely celebrated within the YA community, Rainbow Rowell. With a couple YA and a couple adult novels under her belt, Rowell is an amazing contemporary author, with a huge emphasis on real romances. Eleanor and Park is no different. With realistic not-perfect characters and realistic true-to-life storylines, this story is one of my all-time favourite novels. If you're fed up of characters who have no flaws and who were made to be together, Eleanor and Park will show you how two people who couldn't be more different can find an extraordinary love. 

3. My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick is a summer time romance about next door neighbours that will have you swooning with every page you read. As Samantha and Jase fall head over heels, they learn what first love is like and Jase's family welcomes her into their lives, even if Samantha's family are kept in the dark about the passionate romance. A lot is about to change in Samantha's world and she must learn how to be true to someone you love, without betraying another. 

4. Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy is by David Levithan, king of LGBTQ YA romance novels. This story is set in a high school that's one of the most unique places you will ever experience and we follow Paul as he falls in love with Noah, and then messes it up. This story is so unique and hilarious, and I wish the world was as inclusive as the world in this book. This Valentine's day, I'd tell you to read anything by David Levithan, but if you're only gonna pick one, this should be it. 

Whilst all these books have so much more to offer than just romance, the love stories really are huge parts of these stories and they're the perfect reads for Valentine's day. Have you read any of these books?

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