I love books. I love everything about books. I even love that I love books. But there are some struggles that come with being a book nerd - enter #BookNerdProblems:

1) Waiting for your favourite author to write the next book in a series. 
We've all been there. You NEED to know what is happening to your favourite ship, or what will happen after that character died. But the author is still writing the next book and you Want. It. Now! 

2) When one of your favourite book is being adapted to a TV show/Movie
We all know the feeling when you can't decide whether to be scared or excited. You LOVE the book and want it to stay in amazing-book form forever without it being ruined by visuals. However, that great fight scene would look AMAZING on screen. Aaaah, the feels!

3) Owning more books than you have time to read
This is one that equally thrills and saddens me at the same time. I love having an extensive library of unread books that I can dive into whenever I want something new to read, however, I have so many I know I couldn't possibly read them all. It's a bitter sweet situation. 

4) People wanting to borrow your books terrifies you
I'm a generous person, I really am. But when it comes to my books, I'm hesitant to lend them out as I just don't know if/when I will get it back, and what condition it will be in when I do. My books are my babies so if you have borrowed one of them, consider yourself very special to me. 

5) When people don't understand that you are reading and they should leave you alone
There's nothing worse than trying to read and having somebody trying to talk to you. Book nerds unite - leave us alone when we are reading! 

6) People asking your favourite book
It's like asking who your favourite child is. Seriously. I read a lot of books, and a lot of them are amazing - I couldn't possibly choose a favourite! 

7) Staying up all night to read becomes a regular occurrence
Getting so into a book that you can't help but finish it before you close your eyes to rest is a regular occurrence to us book nerds and those who don't read will never understand. Yes, I will be tired the next day and yes, I will need a bucket load of coffee to be able to function but it was So. Worth. It. 

Are there any other #BookNerdProblems that you experience? I'd love to hear from you - Tweet us at @yalovemag and let me know! The struggle is real. 

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Christina is a bibliophile and lover of all things geek. A self-confessed workaholic, Christina writes for several websites and is running various projects. She joined YA Love to share her passion for YA literature with other like-minded book lovers.