Do Readathons Work?

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Every year the book community holds read-a-thons that anyone can get involved in. Some are annual, some are spur of the moment things, but all of them are designed to help you get through as many books as possible. The question is do they actually work?

Read-a thons can last from a day to up to a week, but the majority of them tend to take place over a weekend. The timescale of these read-a-thons can determine whether or not you are successful.

24-hour read-a-thons

These are the marmite of read-a-thons, either you love them and get through two or even three books, or you hate them and can’t even get half-way through one book. 24-hour long read-a-thons can be great for those who need the motivation to just sit down and read a book in one sitting. But for those of us who like to read a book slowly and really take it all in they don’t always work. Also if you are a busy person then 24-hour read-a-thons aren’t always the best to participate in because you might not be able to get the most out of the full 24 hours.

Weekend read-a-thons

These tend to be the best types of read-a-thons as most people have a lot of free time over the weekend period. This means you can set aside time to sit down and get through a couple books. With it being just 3 days, it means you can concentrate on reading without forgetting half-way through there is a read-a-thon going on.

Week-long read-a-thons

There is no doubt that a week-long read-a-thon will give you the chance to really get through a shelf full of books. Even if you have work or commitments you can still set aside an hour a day to at least get through one book. But a week can be a long time and some people may forget about the read-a-thon. Also if you are following the Twitter chats during the read-a-thon you can become disheartened when others are posting about the 10 books they have read and you have only finished one.

Overall read-a-thons are a great way to motivate yourself into reading, but it depends on who you are as to whether a certain read-a-thon will work for you.

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