Enid Blyton: The Famous Five Rerelease

After recent attempts to "modernise" Blyton's language in the Famous Five series failed, Hachette Children's Group are republishing the original texts, with new illustrations. As part of a 75th Birthday celebration, the original works will be republished in May next year alongside modern illustrations by Laura Ellen Andersen. 

Essentially we were looking at dialogue and making sure it worked for a contemporary audience. It was a very subtle change and thoroughly researched but proved very unpopular... We thought it was a necessary step but it wasn’t. So we are reverting to the extant classic text.
— Anne McNeill, Senior Publisher at HCG

The idea behind the new illustrations is to create a singular image of the Famous Five characters for children to enjoy and identify with. Although the new covers look great and will encourage current-day children to enjoy the childhood stories of many of adults, there will be a box set available next year with the original illustrations by Eileen Soper for classic fans to enjoy. Have you ever read the Famous Five books? We can't wait to add these gorgeous new editions to our ever-growing collections.