Living As A Young Adult

Young adults, same age range, different maturity level. Some might be a 17-year-old with a mind of a fourteen, a 14-year-old who thinks like twenty-five. Every young adult experiences life in an angle. They might thought that every problem they’ll have will be the heaviest, the hardest, they feel like their world’s crashing down, they feel that nobody’s on their side, that nobody understands them. But experiencing that pain is part of surviving young-adulthood.

It’s the age when your heart beats fast when you see that one person in your class, the age when you might have your first heartbreak and feel everyone’s going to break your heart, so you decide not to love. But still, you do. No matter how much you try to be cold as ice, even though you think your heart have turned into steel, you still love. You choose to love. Because, is there anything to do beside it?

A young adult’s world might be built around the idea of love. Love of family, love of friends, love of learning, love of books, love of sports, and love of a significant other. We’re excited to go to school to talk to our friends about how that guy showed affection in your phone call with him last night, then tell them a week after that that the guy already has someone new. Then you cry. You wrath. You think that the world has deceived you. And then you find another guy, and the cycle never stops.

It’s like that. Our life isn’t all about learning and teaching, it’s about making memories, it’s experiencing things on our own, standing up without any help, taking risks, knowing people, looking for little adventures. And I think that the best time to do all that is now. Don’t wait until you’re an adult and busy for work, do it now. Climb that mountain, feel accomplished. Write a book, feel proud. Join a cause that you are so interested in, an organization which you have a passion for. Don’t be pressured by your peers, but try new things with them.

Love. Discover. Make this time of your life count. Live.

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