Orange Is The New Black for Teens


Unless you've been living under a rock, you will be aware that the third season of the Netflix original TV show Orange Is The New Black was recently released. Whilst the show isn't exactly appropriate for younger YA readers, due to its sexually explicit content, nudity and strong language, I'm a big fan so to suit the more sensitive readers out there, we've found the perfect bookish YA alternatives. 

Juvie by Steve Watkins

Carla and Sadie couldn't be more different. Sadie's the good one whereas Carla has always been irresponsible. When both girls, unfortunately, get caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, Sadie takes the fall for her troubled sister, expecting a light punishment. She ends up with 6 months in juvie and must leave her good girl persona behind for a life behind bars. Will she remain herself after the 6 months are up, or will her time have changed her in ways she never expected?

Getting Somewhere by Beth Neff

Four girls who couldn't be more different are sent to an experimental detention centre for the juvenile delinquents. In the middle of nowhere, the girls must face up to the crimes they committed and deal with their pasts but one girl, plagued by a secret of her own sets out to destroy all the progress the girls have made.

Something Like Hope by Shawn Goodman

Shavonne is 17 and will be released from juvie next year. After being in prison for most of her life, she's understandably quite scared to re-enter the real world. When she meets Dr. Delpopolo, the prison's counsellor, she feels she is finally able to speak about her past and her rough family life. But when her cellmate isn't very stable and a guard decides to take revenge upon Shavonne, her fears for the outside drift away and she finds she's looking forward to her release more than she first thought. 

So if you're not feeling strong enough to deal with the heavy content that is Orange Is The New Black, pick up one of these prison-lit books perfect for YA readers. What YA prison books would you recommend to us?

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