What To Do When Your Partner Doesn't Read

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Laying in the sun, book in hand and your partner by your side, nose deep in a book is a daydream every bookworm has had. But what do you do if your partner doesn’t read?

Not everybody is a bookworm and although that may shock you, it is something we just have to accept. But from a girl whose boyfriend has only read five books his whole life here are my top tips to get them reading.

Use their hobbies to your advantage. Whether it be football or knitting, everyone has a hobby they are passionate about so use this to your advantage and get them a book relating to their hobby. If it is sport they like, then get them something simple like a book about their favourite football club or their favourite athlete.

Get them to watch the film. I know it is a sin to watch the film before reading a book. But by making them watch the film they are going to want to know what happens in the next film, therefore giving them a reason to pick up the books.

Christmas and Birthdays. Buying them a book or gift card for a bookstore as a present means that they have to use/read it or they will feel bad. I know this is slightly blackmailing but if all else fails then this is a good option. Plus if they really don’t want to buy a book with that gift card they might be smart and get you one instead.

Game of Thrones. The hit TV show is a favourite of millions of people, and so many of them have picked up the books after watching the first few seasons. It may be daunting at first but this series is one everybody wants more of. Get them to watch the show and they will be reading in no time.

Not everybody is going to want to read, especially if they haven’t done so since school and we have to respect that. Although it may be a dream come true to have them recite Shakespeare by heart to you on a date, you still have to like them for them and try not to change them too much. As a girlfriend, I love my boyfriend for who he is, and now he has picked up a book I am letting him get on with it and go at his own pace. Eventually, they will see sense and realise how amazing books are. If not then just get them to buy you more instead.

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