Perfect Books for Not-So-Perfect Weather

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Unfortunately, following closely behind the summer sunshine and the picnics on the local park comes stormy weather. Which means now of course time spent indoors rather than outside. With hours now to pass whilst cosied up and dry, this presents the perfect opportunity to pick up a book and settle in for the long haul until the clouds drift away. The question is, which book do you pick?

There are two standout types of book that personally is most appealing for such an occasion, which are either: a romantic contemporary in a setting where the sun is still shining; or a high fantasy to transport us to the world of the main character ready to begin an epic adventure!

Contemporary romantic reading recommendations for Summer include:

-         The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E Smith: Hadley never dreamed that the worst day of her life could turn into her best. This is a novel set over one day explaining how, by a trick of fate Hadley meets Oliver; a reminder that we are most likely to find true love and happiness in the most unexpected ways.

-         On the Fence by Kasie Wes: a light and sweet read that emphasizes the importance of friendship, family and confidence; with some laughs and a subtle burgeoning romance along the way it’s heart-warming to read of Charlie’s self-discovery.

-         This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales: a beautiful story following a girl through her experience starting a new school, reminding us (in spirit of the back to school season) that even the worst scenarios can themselves guide us into making some of the best memories of our young adult life.

Heart racing, adventurous, and action-packed novels to get to grips with maybe:

-         Any book from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: a childhood classic to relive the years of the boy who lived.

-         Northern Lights (also known as The Golden Compass) by Phillip Pullman: the first in the His Dark Materials series sets Lyra on a journey through the North to discover the truth behind the Aurora Borealis.

-         Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson: a chance to join Princess Elisa on her attempt to survive an arraigned marriage to a Prince whose kingdom is under attack from evil forces determined to steal a hidden gem she possesses.

However, you may not feel like reading at all! Perhaps the one thing that you would most like to be doing (while listening to and watching the rain hit and roll down the window) is write.

For this, there is one workshop book recommendation I would like to make to any budding author. Indeed, perhaps you have recently hit a wall (metaphorically speaking, of course) or perhaps you have a deep passion and urge to write a novel but cannot yet forge a solid idea to expand into a fully-fledged novel. Or maybe you have an already grown character and world trapped up in that brilliant mind of yours but have been struggling where to start them on their journey. This is where my recommendation may help with not only waiting out until the grim weather has passed, but also beginning (or continuing) an authorship adventure of your own.

Created by the organizers of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and aptly named the Writer’s Workbook: Ready, Set, Novel!, the noveling journal aids by presenting a various number of activities for you to partake in to (as the saying goes) get the creative juices flowing. Prompts to stimulate writing include: listographies to build of your own personal favourite places, inspirations or intrigues; online detective research to encourage ideas; character profiles, timelines and collages to create; family trees to record; a world map to construct; and so much more!

It truly is an engaging and, most importantly, fun craft book to keep the dream alive.

Let your imagination run wild, and also, as always, happy reading!

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