Are you a Peter Pan fan? Love YA? Look no further.

The search for Peter Pan inspired YA can be a bit tough. JM Barrie's classic children's story about an immortal boy, with a taste for adventure and flight, in a world of mermaids and pirates, just doesn't seem to transfer well into novels for older teens. Sure, there are some great movies - Hook is a must-see for all Pan fans - and this year we'll see another rendition of the timeless tale hit cinemas in 2015: Pan, starring Hugh Jackman and Levi Miller, and there are a lot of books for younger readers, but what the YA Lit community?

For all the YA book-loving Pan fans, YA Love has got you covered. Here are our favourite titles inspired by Neverland.

  • Tiger Lily, Jodi Lynn Anderson:
    "Before Peter Pan belonged to Wendy, he belonged to the girl with the crow feather in her hair...
    Fifteen-year-old Tiger Lily doesn't believe in love stories or happy endings. Then she meets the alluring teenage Peter Pan in the forbidden woods of Neverland and immediately falls under his spell."
    With enemies threatening to tear them apart, the lovers seem doomed. But it's the arrival of Wendy Darling, an English girl who's everything Tiger Lily is not, that leads Tiger Lily to discover that the most dangerous enemies can live inside even the most loyal and loving heart."       

  • Wendy, Karen Wallace:
     "Wendy's imagination never runs away with her - it flies.
    Wendy Darling is not the perfect girl her parents would like her to be. Intrepid, outspoken and willful, she's always getting into trouble.
    One evening confined to the nursery by her horrible nanny, she sneaks out to spy on one of her parents' glamorous parties.
    What Wendy sees changes her life forever and triggers a series of confusing adventures as she tries to solve the mysteries that lie at the heart of her family..."

  • Second Star, Alyssa B. Sheinmel:
    "A twisty story about love, loss, and lies, this contemporary oceanside adventure is tinged with a touch of dark magic as it follows seventeen-year-old Wendy Darling on a search for her missing surfer brothers.

  • Nevermor, Lani Lenore: 
    "I told you this is a place of dreams. Sometimes, there are nightmares.
    In 1873, 15-year-old Wren longs to escape her life in a London orphanage. Prompted by a world she sees in a dream, she begins to believe in a place called Nevermor - an island at the edge of the universe. She meets the Rifter, a wild but handsome boy, who guards the realm of dreams from terrifying nightmare creatures.
     Wren falls in love with Nevermor - and with the Rifter - and yet the more she learns of a conflict between the Rifter and a wicked, black-hearted man called the Scourage, the more she comes to realise that Nevermor is not a place for children."