Reader Necessities

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There are certain things humans need to survive…. Food, water, shelter, clothing etc. And just as all humans need these, booknerds need certain things as they explore the new worlds in the latest books. Readers need things to keep up to date with upcoming books, to discover their favourite genres, to connect with other fans and of course to monitor the progress they are making through their books or ever-growing TBR piles. After extensive research, I have made a list of what is needed for a reader and booknerd to survive the hard but fantastic life of being a fully-invested book addict.

1.       Books:



I am not much of a fan of turning down the corners of the pages of my books, so I need a bookmark whenever I am reading my book. I have dozens of bookmarks at home as there is just such a variety around. I have yet to get a custom-made bookmark so that is definitely something I have to look into over the summer.

3.       Bookjackets:

Bookjackets are extremely cute. Waterstones have a lovely selection of them. Bookjackets are necessary for sun holidays. No one wants the covers of their books to fade or sun cream to stain them, so I think bookjackets are a great way of protecting the book.

4.       Bookshop Loyalty Cards:

Everyone should have a loyalty card for their favourite bookshops. As well as getting the book you are paying for, you get points on your card for buying that book. The points get turned into money on your card, meaning every time you buy a book you are getting more money on your loyalty card to put towards another book in the future. Who doesn’t want a chance at getting a free book?! I have a Waterstones loyalty card and an Easons loyalty card and I have bought a good few books using the points on my card.

5.       Calendar:

A calendar is extremely useful in keeping track of new releases. If you are interested in a book, you should definitely write the release date into a calendar, be it on your phone or on the wall. Therefore when the book comes out, you can get a notification on your phone or see it marked on your hanging calendar.

6.       Goodreads:

Life as a reader would be so much harder if we didn’t have Goodreads. You wouldn’t be able to talk to as many fans of the series you love, you wouldn’t be able to discover new books so easily of a genre you love, you wouldn’t be able to research the ratings of a book before you buy it, and the list goes on. Goodreads allows you to set reading goals for the year, start forums on books/charcters etc, review books, make lists and track the books you have read and would love to read. Goodreads is a community for all book lovers out there and allows you to connect with like-minded people.

7.       Instagram:

There are a lot of Instagram accounts dedicated to books. Instagram is another useful place to find books that are trending and I don’t know any book lover who would object to beautiful pictures of books and bookshelves.

8.       YouTube:

It’s well known that you can find almost anything on YouTube, and the BookTube community is rapidly growing on this social media. BookTubers such as Benjaminoftomes (Ben Alderson) and Abookutopia (Sasha Alsberg) dedicate their lives to showing us book recommendations, author interviews and just about anything that would appeal to booknerds and YA fans. These are my two favourite booktubers and their videos are addictive.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If anybody has something to add to this list, I would love to hear it in the comments below.

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