Reading on Holiday

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Going abroad can be the perfect time to catch up on your reading, especially if you plan to be sunbathing for the most of it. But even though I am a huge book lover, I hate reading on holiday!

·         Water
As bookworms we all know that water and paper does not mix. The risk of sitting by a pool reading your book whilst people jump in and out, splashing around is just too high. The odds are your books will get damp at some point.

·         Sun Cream
Whenever I take a book on holiday something always seems to happen to the cover. It goes from being nice and smooth to oily and waxy. My suspicions is that this is due to the sun cream we use. Not only does it ruin the front cover but it makes the book sticky in the heat, and that is not a comfortable reading experience.

·         Nosey People
A few years back when ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ came out everybody was reading it on holiday. From Grandparents to Teenagers. You could see everybody trying to get a glimpse at what books you were reading and if it was the famous erotic Mr Grey novel then you got the judgmental eyes, even though they were reading it as well.

·         Weight Limit
Until recently I didn’t have a Kindle, so I was only ever allowed to take one book away with me. This is annoying as you have to pick that perfect book which will last you the whole duration of your holiday, and it can’t be one in a series. What are you meant to do if you finish it and you have no way of obtaining the next book in the series until you go home?

·         You’re On Holiday
I love reading as much as the next bookworm, but I rarely read on holiday because it is a time to spend with your family and friends. To make new friends and try out new things. We always go somewhere that constantly has activities going on throughout the day, so why read when you can get active?

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