UKYA Day Round-Up

Yesterday was UKYA Day, created and organised by the incredible Lucy from Queen of Contemporary and for those unlucky ones of you who couldn't tune in, we've rounded up our favourite parts of the day so you don't miss out! 

As the clock struck 9am and the event kicked off, the #UKYADAY hashtag was already trending on Twitter. We started following the hashtag and finding bloggers posts for the day along with retweeting some of the books people were reading to celebrate UK YA Day.

The first kick-off event was a Twitter Q&A with the YA Book Prize winner Louise O'Neill. We asked our own questions and saved some of our favourite ones to share with you. 


Next, was the Shelfie competition, where UK YA book lovers everywhere posted pictures of their bookshelves. Some of our favourites are 1, 2 and 3.

We tuned in for the Debut Author Slam at 12pm with Eve Ainsworth, Lisa Heathfield, Jessica Vallance, Taran Matharu and, of course, Lucy herself. There was so much amazing information in this video but I selected my favourite gems from each author to share with you. Taran explained how he started his story in NaNoWriMo and then after posting some of it on Wattpad, it snowballed from there. Lisa gave her inspiration for Seed: "The community who look after nature is a really important one and should be celebrated." Eve said the best thing about being published is the feedback from younger readers telling her how much her book has helped them. And finally, Jessica told us that YA is more instantly relatable to everyone and that's why adults love reading YA. View the Debut Author Short here

Next, we tuned into the Twitter Q&A with Malorie Blackman who shared her advice with aspiring writers. See our favourite answers below.

Patrick Ness also did a Twitter Q&A where fans asked a LOT of questions about his current books. 

The UK YA Author Recommendations videos were released - see them here and here

And finally, the Live show with George Lester (blogger & booktuber), Holly Bourne, Alexia Casale and C.J. Daugherty along with Lucy where huge topics were covered. View it here! One of my favourite quotes was from George: "You can dive into anything in UK YA and there will be something that is for you and there will be someone who is like you and you can relate to it in someway."