Victoria Aveyard on Glass Sword

Source: B&N Blog

Source: B&N Blog

Victoria Aveyard is well-known for her Red Queen series, a cult-hit amongst bloggers and youtubers within the YA genre. Red Queen follows Mare, a 17-year-old peasant who has red blood in a world where silver-bloods rule, with their supernatural powers and elite status. Mare soon realises she has a power of her own, despite having red blood and a world of confusion begins in this highly addictive dystopian novel. Glass Sword, book two in the Red Queen series, hit shelves on the 9th February 2016 and will be following on from the story we all grew to love. In a recent interview with Barnes & Noble, Victoria discussed world-building, plot twists and writing multiple books at a time... 

When asked about the massive plot twist at the end of Red Queen, Victoria explained it was planned all along. "Yes, [the] twist [at the end of book one] was in the outline from the very beginning, and was a large reason I wanted to tell this story. As I was writing, getting to that scene was my big motivator, and it helped me power through more difficult parts to get to that point. It was like my dessert."

Victoria gave a particularly interesting answer when asked if the pre-industrial fantasy, post-industrial dystopian setting was intentional, "I’m really enamored with the idea of a reformed society, and I’ve always been fascinated with the Dark Ages as well as the power vacuum that followed the fall of the Roman Empire. I translated this to an apocalyptic fall of the American “empire,” and what happens long, long after this version of our world has been nearly forgotten. Things are pulling back together, but mankind and humanity has changed. It was really interesting for me to literally build on top of the old world."

We can only imagine how hard it must be to write multiple books in the same world at the same time, how does Victoria manage to keep the plot lines straight in her head? 
"it helps that the Red Queen series is developing a following, and I want to really keep my momentum going. Depriving myself of other projects is also a motivator to work. I think every writer feels this way, especially when she’s in the middle of a series. You naturally want to explore new worlds, but the trick is finding new facets in an already familiar place."

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