When Exams and YA Don't Mix

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We all know the stresses. You have three weeks until exams hit and you're already buried under a mountain of notes, past papers and highlighted textbooks. Sure, you told yourself you'd be better this year - you'd follow the schedule you'd set yourself ages ago, you'd do a little bit every day, you'd get those 'A' grades.

But, then that book came out.

We've all been there, gorging ourselves on that infuriatingly addictive YA novel, reading for hours on end and claiming the next page would be our last. It never is.

Here at YALove, we understand the struggle. We know the pain of realising what time it is after an all out YA binge, and the panic thereafter. Therefore, we've compiled revision tips to help you through this difficult time.

1. Avoid social media.

No seriously. We aren't trying to go all parental on you, blaming Facebook for your less than impressive grades, but the less you're on EpicReads' Instagram and Cassandra Clare's Tumblr, the better your mental health will be. So, hide your phone and disconnect your laptop from the internet, to save yourself from book lust.

2. Put off buying that new book.

With book four of The Selection, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Dorothy Must Die's sequel all coming out in May, this is going to be a test of your discipline - and we believe in you. Even if you don't.

This means you'll have to resist your Amazon account, wandering into bookstores and accepting loans from your friends. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Sort of. At the very least, you can't get yourself glued to something that isn't in your possession, so try to keep your distance from new books for now.

3. Work all day; party all night.

Okay, party may be an overstatement, but for nerdy bookish types, this might be better than a social gathering.

Get your work done during the day if you can. Set your alarm early and get a head start in the morning (with a crucial cup of coffee to start you off, if you're not an early bird) so that your evening is free. That way, you get to spend a cosy night in with that beauty of a novel you've been eyeing up all day without any guilt.

4. Take regular breaks.

Apparently, the average person can only concentrate for around 45 minutes, so make sure to take breaks every now and again. In fact, set a timer so you know exactly when you can take a moment's freedom.

During such time, set another timer, this one for 5-10 minutes. Take such time to power through a few pages of that book you can't put down, and remember to PUT IT DOWN afterwards. After all, it's only another 45 minutes until you're reunited.

5. Make a book list.

It's not a case of 'if', just 'when'. You may not be able to tuck into that new YA mystery, but with a little time, you will. The end of exams rolls around fast enough, freeing you up for an entire summer of book-binging, and you don't want it marred with post-exam worry.

Instead of moping about what books you're missing out on, make a book list for yourself, writing down each of the titles you know you're going to have to read once these exams are over. Think of them as a source of inspiration, if you will - the end goal, the prize.

Happy studying, book nerds.

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