Why E-Books Are Wonderful

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After being drawn in by all the hype eBooks and Kindles were getting, I just had to try them. So for Christmas one year that’s what I asked for, and I wasn’t disappointed. As someone who reads more than one book at a time I liked the idea of having a portable and lightweight device to store all of my reading needs in one place, especially when digital versions of novels are almost always cheaper. What’s not to love about that? All that’s lost is the novelty and tradition of a physical book, painful yet bearable when you travel around as much as I do these days. The practicality and usability of an e-reader is the only reason I still use one now and again but, beyond the eyes of a consumer, I mainly enjoy that people who may not have been given a chance at writing before now have a platform to exhibit their (possible) talents to a mass audience through self-publishing. (So, if you have that writer’s itch in you, give it a go!)

As an added bonus, you can get whole novels and even series free and, surprisingly, these sometimes measure up to the same quality as something that would go through months in an editorial department. There is literally something for all with eBooks ranging from fanfiction to Victorian literature in genre and, for the ones you do pay for, you can feel good about supporting and validating amateur writers just as much as your all time favourites. Greatly enjoyable authors can be found this way, ones that bring something new to the table that doesn’t try and fit into the ‘this will sell well even if it sounds like something that’s been done before’ category, which I like a lot. What eBooks may lack in linguistic clarity they make up for in creativity, although this can make them a somewhat hit and miss phenomenon as there will always be those novels that are, for lack of a better phrase, worthless trash.

With entire sites dedicated to eBooks there are endless book opportunities for you. Amazon has a vast catalogue of them and could help you write and self-publish your own (for free!). It has pages of young adult fiction of all sub-genres. I’ve personally read amazing fantasy, action and romance collections from there that I wouldn’t have ever gotten the chance to read otherwise. So, for something that’s more likely to hold storyline concepts that are new to you, go check out eBook sites and find out what you’re missing.

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