Why I Hated The DUFF

So before you all start a hate-campaign against me, let me explain. The main issue I had with this book wasn't with the writing or the book itself, it was with Bianca, the main character. The opinions I have are purely based on the book by Kody Keplinger, not the adaptation - although I hear they're very different, I am yet to see the movie. 

The DUFF is about Bianca Piper, a teenager who is smart, knows her own mind and is determined to not let slimy man-sluts get to her. Until she meets Wesley Rush, the super hottie who has slept with most of the girls in their school. Bianca can't stand how arrogant Wesley is and when he tells her he's only speaking to her to get her friends attention, and tells her she is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend, her hate only deepens. As her home life becomes increasingly awful, so does her need for distraction and with Wesley hanging around, she soon turns to him to distract her and realizes he's not so bad after all.

Whilst the above synopsis sounds like quite the spoiler, it's actually basically the Goodreads description and the blurb on the book (I think.) The whole book is basically described in the above paragraph and it wasn't much more than that. 

1. Bianca was shallow and had no self-respect.

Bianca started out as a great, strong teenager who knew her own mind and wasn't afraid to say what she was thinking. Then she met a boy. A boy she apparently hated, throughout the entire book yet she kept going back to him. I can understand liking a bad boy, or using somebody for a distraction that you don't initially like on a deeper level, but when a guy calls you ugly and fat? You get the hell out of there. You don't jump straight back into bed with him. 

2. The character's had no depth and were boy-obsessed. 

Aside from her family issues, there wasn't any more depth to Bianca and I found that incredibly disappointing. Nothing really happened to show us she had her own interests or life outside of Wesley. The relationships between Bianca and her friends seemed to revolve around going to the underage bar and talking about boys. I can't remember a scene where they didn't just talk about boys. Sure, as teenagers, it's a popular thing to talk about and after all, that is what the book is about - but it just felt like their world revolved around boys and I didn't like that. 

3. It sends bad messages to young girls.

What I learnt from this book was that even if somebody calls you ugly and fat, it doesn't matter because he's hot and he takes your mind off your problems. No. This is not an okay message to send to young girls who may be reading this book! I also sends the message that people can make jokes about somebody being ugly and fat and it's okay because they didn't mean to cause any offence - it was just a joke. Again, still not okay. 

I'm hoping since the film is supposed to be very different, that I will like it a lot more than I liked the book but as far as The DUFF goes, I'm not a fan.