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I don't know any booklover that doesn't know what booktube is. If you don't, where have you been?! Booktube is the bookish side to Youtube, where people make videos about books. Yep, it's as amazing as it sounds. There are booktubers for adult books, poetry, a mixture of everything and of course, YA. This post celebrates some of my favourite YA booktubers. 

Kassidy Voinche is a YA lover who has hundreds of books and reads a wide range of genre's. Her easy on-screen presence makes her fun to watch and if you haven't already checked out her channel, you should. 

SquidgeAndBooks is a fairly new channel, but she has plenty of content. With a love of YA fiction and a lot of reading time, Jess is a great one to watch if you're looking for a new take on some of the most popular YA books around. 

Benjamin of Tomes is one of the big players in the booktubing community, recently being part of a panel at Waterstones alongside Sally Green, Jennifer Niven and David Levithan! He's well known for his extravagant personality and his love of anything witch-related. Ben is definitely one to watch! 

RileyMarie is a huge Colleen Hoover fan and if there's a new contemporary book, she's probably read it. She's lovely on screen and so enjoyable to watch. Her enthusiasm for YA books shines through every video.

So there you have a few of my current fave booktubers who love YA lit. Let me know some of your favourites - I love finding new videos to watch! 

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