You Are Not Alone.

To the girl who prefers book characters to her classmates. To the boy who has lived most of his life as a female and wants to finally be himself. To the girl at the back of the room who is dealing with abusive parents. To the person in the corner who is bullied every day. To the boy who has a crush on his best friend and is too scared to tell him. To the girl who cries herself to sleep every night and isn't sure why. To the boy who hates his body, and does whatever he can to maintain his perfect weight. To anybody and everybody who feels alone -

I promise you, you are not alone. 

It won't be like this forever and this is not the end of your story. 

If you're feeling alone and want somebody to talk to, send us an email to or a DM on any of our social media accounts - we're always here to talk and listen.