Young Adults In Love

This is the prime time for us to learn everything about love. Well perhaps not everything, but most of it. And half of it is ugly. It’s not what we want it to be, what we imagined it to be. It’s not red roses, dates in fancy restaurants, movie nights, little red box that holds expensive things. It’s not a kiss in the rain, it’s not always a happy ending either.

At this young age, we learn the bitter truth that we don’t always get what we want, nor the guy that we want. We aren’t in the movies where the average girl gets the hot guy. No, it isn’t anywhere near that. The reality is, you will have to settle with your crooked-teeth lab partner or the guy that stays at the back of the class saying only 10 words all year.

The average girl doesn’t get the hot guy, the hot girl does. Because tell me, when did it actually happen that the campus crush spared you a glance? He only talks to you when he needs help on project or needs to copy your homework. And because of the movies that we used to watch growing up, we are forced to believe that there will come a day where a fairy godmother will come and you will be the prettiest girl at your school’s formal or prom, and finally, the guy you have been crushing on will ask you to dance, and you will say yes, and he will kiss you at the end of the night, just before midnight strikes. Well, let me tell you, THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Your prince charming won’t come at the perfect time like they always did on the movies. He won’t pull you from the street when you’re going to get hit by a truck. In fact, he might not come any time at all, he might not even be charming.

Movies and fairytales implore us to wait. We don’t do anything else, we just wait. But waiting won’t get us anywhere closer to what we want. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. Do something right or do something wrong; just do something

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