A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom

This book is an interesting take on the YA world of bipolar disorder, friendships and hidden truths. Initially, I read this book for the mental health aspect, having a huge interest in Psychology, I tend to jump on anything regarding mental illness (particularly in YA lit). The portrayal of bipolar disorder within this book was interesting, and the author has clearly done her research on the counselling techniques used for it. As for the storyline, Mel was an interesting character, but I'm not really sure enough happened for me to really enjoy the narrative. If I had seen more of Mel's personality besides the tracking of her bipolar, I think she would have been a much more interesting character. I really enjoyed the friendship storyline with the old people in the home, that was something that struck closely to my own life so I enjoyed reading about that. I think this book would play an important part in educating people about bipolar, but it just wasn't a spectacular read as I'd hoped it would be. It does have a really gorgeous cover though. 

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