A Work In Progress by Connor Franta


There once was a time where I was heavily against any YouTuber writing a book. Then I was challenged to read Girl Online, then I reserved I Hate Myselfie from my library, then I booked tickets to see Joey Graceffa, then I ordered A Work In Progress. I'm still against YouTubers getting book deals because it's a guaranteed money maker, but in order to do my job as a book geek effectively, I needed to keep an open mind about reading these books. If any of the books has any chance of changing my mind about YouTuber books, then it's probably A Work In Progress.

In A Work In Progress, Connor Franta opens up about his past and inspirations, as a 22-year-old gay male in the USA raised in the Midwest. He talks about how it was being a middle child, how it is explaining to someone that he does YouTube as a job and offers many different photographs that he's taken in preparation to write this book, to tell his story.

A Work In Progress is a book that's unlike many different autobiographies. When you read A Work In Progress, Connor offers his life story up on a plate like you're reading his journal. Be it you reading about how he won YMCA swimming championships, or reading what his mum and dad had to say in their individual letters (and I don't think it went as bad as you'd think it would go), you're getting an exclusive look into Connor's life.

Connor's not afraid to show you what exactly he's made of and I could pick up on his pride for what he's chosen to do with his own life.

As already mentioned, Connor has also provided insights in visual forms through the many, many photographs featured in this book, from his childhood, from his family life, from his events, from many other aspects of his life. The photographs are a charming visual cue to provide you with some context, or sometimes just to show you something that Connor wanted you to see for his own reasons. I really enjoyed the presence of the photographs, in the same way I enjoyed the presence of Connor's open-ness.

I don't usually read autobiographies, or for that matter I didn’t read YouTuber books, but like I've already said, I enjoyed reading A Work In Progress probably a bit too much, and if any YouTuber book could change my mind about them, then it would be this one. So congratulations Connor, you've written a book that may have changed my mind. 

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