All Wrapped Up by Holly Smale

Geek Girl is one of my favourite series to pop in and out of as it's such a quick, easy, light-hearted read. Whilst the events in this book follow on from previous books, you don't necessarily need to have read those to appreciate this one. All Wrapped Up is about Harriett, a geek who fell into modelling (quite literally) and is about to embark on her first ever date. With her trademark facts, this time about Christmas-related trivia, this book follows true Geek Girl style and I couldn't get enough. If you're looking for quick reads about a young, awkward girl we can all identify with - this one is for you.

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Christina is a bibliophile and lover of all things geek. A self-confessed workaholic, Christina writes for several websites and is running various projects. She joined YA Love to share her passion for YA literature with other like-minded book lovers.