Binge by Tyler Oakley


I have my own opinions on YouTuber books, as many of people will also have, and it’s a debate I’ve had in the past. With all of that said, I still will go out and buy YouTuber books, and a while ago I went into a bookshop and picked up Tyler Oakley’s book, not expecting anything different from what Tyler does online. And to be fair: it wasn’t really much different to what he already does online. That might just be what the book needed though.

For those of you who don’t know, Tyler Oakley is an ‘internet personality’ who makes vlogs about his life. He’s a well known activist for LGBTQ+ rights, having raised over $1million for US charity 'The Trevor Project' for his birthdays from 2013­-2015, plus has more awards to his name than some actors. Plus he’s a role model too and he puts it perfectly in his YouTube promo video, “Me being me may have even helped some of you to be you.” Last year, Simon and Schuster published his collection of essays entitled Binge, his first book, detailing the anecdotes from Tyler’s life that you may not already know of.

Binge was honestly one of my favourite books I’ve read in a while. Tyler’s got this flair and a passion for what he does, and it really shines through in this book. He tells the best moments of his life and he tells some of the less great moments of his life. Some bits with have you crying with laughter and others may make you gasp, as in audibly gasp. For me it was the chapter where he explained why he wasn’t given the job at Google he went for several years ago, but I’m not giving any spoilers because that would ruin an amazing book for you!

To be quite honest, there’s not a lot I can say about this book. I can't comment on characters or plot or settings like I can with a fiction book, because it’s different, but that’s key: this book is just different!

It’s different because it’s a window into someone’s life that isn’t really an autobiography but it’s more of a glimpse into a very complex, but clearly very interesting personality. It’s different because it doesn’t gloat over the many achievements and successes that he may have had, he just tells him for him, making this a book you can really read and connect with on a personal level.

I highly recommend this to anyone who’s searching for a book to help them out, and needs some reassurance that whoever they are is completely OK. 

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