Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon


Blackmail Boyfriend had me umming and aahing all the way through about whether or not I actually liked this book. By the end, I had come to the conclusion that it had good points, and bad points in equal measures but overall, I had fun when reading it. 

Blackmail Boyfriend is a dual perspective book following two high schoolers.  Haley is a typical teenage girl who can't manage to get a boyfriend because of her two overprotective older twin brothers. Bryce is the most popular boy in school, but when the opportunity arises for Haley to blackmail Bryce into being her boyfriend for a couple of weeks, she grabs onto it with both hands. 

The book deals with a multitude of issues and handles them all in a fairly realistic and accurate way. Whilst the book was really fun to read, there are different layers of issues thrown in there that give the book a bit more depth. 

Haley is very young for her age and that shows in her immature thought patterns and belief systems - which isn't entirely unrealistic, as a lot of teenagers behave younger than they actually are. In Haley's world, boys are the be-all-and-end-all but fortunately, Haley had other interests that didn't get forgotten about once a boy was in the picture - an aspect that I liked about her character. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a backbone from Haley, since she was treated with no respect in some parts of the book and Haley accepted it without question. It would have been nicer to see her stand up for herself a bit more and it would have made her seem a lot more mature. It would also have been better if she wasn't so desperate for a boyfriend. These two issues combined give off the wrong message to young girls and that's why I couldn't give it a higher rating. 

Overall, I had fun reading this book and sped through it. The plot is an overused one and the storyline was very predictable, but the writing style was direct, enjoyable and in general fun and quick to read. 

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