Breaking by Danielle Rollins


Charlotte is struggling to cope with her two best friends' suicide, whilst maintaining average grades and trying to not get kicked out of the elite private school she attended with said best friends, Ariel and Devon. Charlotte begins to find mysterious clues left behind by Ariel and despite having a demanding mother on her back about her slipping grades and hours of missed classes, Charlotte devotes her time to working out the truth behind the two girls' deaths. 

This book is part of a companion series, but I hadn't read the one that came before Breaking and I don't feel as though I missed out on anything. Described as a prep school thriller with slight paranormal elements, I would say this book lived up to expectations. It was a genuinely enjoyable read and I sped through it, dying to find out what was going on within the halls of the prep school. I did find the main character slightly annoying although I can't put my finger on exactly why. I also feel as though there were some parts of the book that were pretty shallow and not fleshed out well enough. It worked well as it was, but a little bit more detail and fleshing out of certain parts would have made this much better in my opinion. If you love prep school mystery thrillers, I'd recommend Breaking. 

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