Carrie by Stephen King

*The following review contains some spoilers*


Carrie. A true underdog story…

That is if you consider a teenage girl, who kills all her classmates and destroys her town in the process, an underdog.

Which by the way… I think I do.

It surprised me how well King managed to get inside the mind of a teenage girl. The horror element of the novel he of course writes so well, but his accuracy at writing teenage girls I think makes this novel so good.

At first I considered this novel to be for adults, mostly because of the horror and violence, and of course because I regard King as a writer for adults. However whether he intended it to be or not, I think this book is an honorary young adult novel. There are many elements to a story that signal to me that it is for young adults one of them being teen angst and nobody can deny that this book is splitting at the seams with teen angst!

Carrie endures undeserved bullying at school, however it is her mother who in the end is the true reason for her…um…breakdown? Maybe that’s not strong enough of a word, perhaps evil murderous rampage is better suited. Carrie’s mother is one of the scariest part of the novel in my opinion, her extreme religious beliefs push her to pretty much torture her own daughter. Carrie’s naivety, her awkwardness and her inability to fit in is down to her mothers treatment of her and I for one cheered when she finally got her comeuppance!

I already knew what this novel was about before reading it. It is hard to avoid reference to it in most teenage films and TV shows! However I didn’t expect just how much I sympathised with Carrie. I mean she practically murdered a whole town yet by the end of the novel all I could think was good! They deserved it! Maybe I’m a psychopath too…or more likely King writes his characters so well that you just can’t help but revel in Carrie’s revenge.

I would give this book an 8/10, it is difficult to give Stephen King anything lower! How he manages to write so many well written, gripping books is beyond me! Even if you already know the story or have seen the films I would still advise you to read the book, it may surprise you. It definitely surprised me!