Chloe by Design by Margaret Gurevich

Chloe By Design is apparently aimed at ages 9 - 12, but is about a 16-year-old who has landed an internship at one of the most popular fashion houses after winning a popular TV show. Chloe must deal with new roommates, a new crush and the stresses of proving herself in the internship. Firstly, the illustrations in the book were perhaps my favourite part, although they were pretty repetitive. The story, whilst I enjoyed the parts about the internship, just bored me. The main character, Chloe, was dull, a bit stupid and self-centered and the side characters weren't any better. In particular, her roommate Madison, who didn't like her for no reason at all was never explained. Throughout the book when a bitchy comment was made, I'd keep thinking that it would be resolved some way towards the end, that we'd find out what this girls problem was, but no. It was left open and we never had any explanation whatsoever as to why this girl hated Chloe so much. I particularly didn't like that the book often repeated facts.  It wasn't as though the author was reminding us of a detail, but more that she simply forgot she'd told us, so told us repeatedly, which I found extremely irritating. The whole book is written in first person, so the "dear diary" sections that were interspersed throughout the book didn't seem necessary. They weren't adding any extra POV to the book, it just seemed like a different way to present the same information and it wasn't necessary at all. I'm not sure the age group of 9 - 12 year olds was particularly accurate as the protagonist was 16 and essentially, in a place of work so it may have been more suitable for that age group. Either way, I didn't really like this book. If you liked the idea of the fashion world themes, you should probably check out Material Girls instead. 

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