Cloak of Shadows by C.K. Dawn

Cloak of Shadows by C. K. Dawn is the story of descendants of the Knights of the Round Table and their modern fight to keep the world safe from supernatural enemies.

This book was epic! Epic is not a term I use often.  Epic followed by an exclamation mark-- even less. But this book warrants the hyperbole. The world-building and character development are phenomenal.  This high-tech spin on Arthurian legend is sophisticated and futuristic, yet still pays homage to the traditional tales of the Knights of the Round Table.

This coming of age story features two strong female leads and spans continents-- worlds, even-- as our heroines protect humanity from otherworldly oppressors.  With action, humor, and romance (a lot of romance, actually. At the risk of generalizing, my prediction is teenage girls will eat this stuff up) this book has a lot to offer.

Cloak of Shadows is an impressive debut novel, rare in its ability to keep its own voice while borrowing heavily from centuries-old mythos. 

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