Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

*Please bear in mind that the following review is of the second book in a series so may contain some spoilers*


Cassandra Clare is hot property right now, with her successful book series The Mortal Instruments being made into a TV series called Shadowhunters (which will hopefully erase the woeful movie from our minds).  Now I’m reading the second in her prequel series The Infernal Devices.

Following on from the devastating events of the previous novel Tessa and the Shadowhunters must fight to keep Charlotte as head of the Institute before the Lightwood family try to force her out. With only two weeks to find a lead on the whereabouts of The Magistrate the group is thrown into disarray as betrayals and romantic entanglements threaten to destroy the Institute.

As with the previous instalment Clockwork Prince is often gripping as we follow Tessa and co trying to find the Magistrate while Tessa is also attempting to work out her feelings for Shadowhunters (and best friends) Will and Jem. It’s a real page turner, with plenty of unexpected twists and developments. The ending itself focuses more on emotional revelations rather than action which makes a change, and also prepares nicely for the final book of the trilogy.

I enjoyed more depth being given to the supporting characters such as married couple, and surrogate parents for the group, Charlotte and Henry. I was also pleased to have more of Magnus Bane in this book who added much needed humour and wit to Will’s endless brooding. Expanding on the Lightwood family was also a good move as they are an intriguing bunch and I constantly wondered what their motives were.

Clare is very good at expressing emotion with her characters and putting us in their shoes. However towards the end I was getting a bit sick of the whole Will/Tessa/Jem love triangle. Will’s mysterious backstory ends up underwhelming, while events progress way too quickly between Tessa and Jem.  It gets frustrating that no one ever seems to express what they really feel (apart from poor Jem) and it becomes a bit too melodramatic for my taste. Hopefully the next book won’t go as predictably as I imagine it will for these three.

While not quite as captivating as the first book it’s still an enjoyable read and I’m still excited to finish the trilogy. And at least it provides me with a good Shadowhunter fix before the TV series arrives.

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