Crow Mountain by Lucy Inglis

Crow Mountain is a combination of two love stories set across two centuries that intertwine and come together in a surprising and entertaining way. Hope is staying with local ranch boy Cal and his father while her mother carries out research on the ecosystem in Montana. Getting caught up in town politics, Hope learns that Montana is a lot different to London as she travels across national parks with Cal on an adventure that will change her life. Early on in the book, Hope discovers an old leather-bound diary written by Emily over a hundred years ago in the 1860's and her story of how she was travelling the country to meet her soon-to-be husband when their carriage tipped over and she was left alone until Nate, an Indian deserter finds her and takes her in, teaching her to live in the Wilderness during a War between the Whites and the Indians. 

Both stories were woven together so well, having alternating chapters between diary entries and Hope's story. At the start of the book, I was definitely more drawn to Hope's modern-day story but as the story went on, I found myself becoming more and more attached to Emily and Nate and the history was compelling to read about. The research into the Indian vs Whites war in Montana in the 1860's was clear and I could appreciate Inglis' effort into researching this piece of history. The story felt real to me, as though I was actually reading a diary from that time and as the tension built towards the end of the stories, I could feel my heart beating faster as I was so caught up in the story and the imagery that Inglis' writing style communicates. The endings of both stories had me audibly gasping and my emotions were manipulated so well, I felt pain for the characters. I would highly recommend reading this book, it is definitely one not to miss.

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