Darkness Echoes by Multiple Authors

Darkness Echoes: A Spooky YA Short Story Collection is an eclectic mix of six Halloween-centric stories written by six different authors (L.A. Starkey, Kelly Hall, D.E.L. Connor, Chess Desalls, C.K. Dawn, and D.B. Nielsen). Suspense, horror, magic, and undying love are just a few of the wickedly good themes in these tales. 
Get ready for a heroine fix! The female leads in these stories are strong three-dimensional characters with attitude and determination. I didn't have any trouble rooting for them to succeed.
Fans of paranormal romance will not be disappointed. There are plenty of male leads in the stories that put us "normal" guys to shame with their amazing good looks, supernatural abilities, and above average cooking skills.
I enjoyed the diverse angles of spooky that were explored. From "don't look behind you now" moments to more subtle horrors, these stories shed different lights on what frightens people and what dangers lurk in the dark.
Great Halloween fun!

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