Deceived by L.A.Starkey


A YA paranormal romance with a shout-out to Eros. You can't get much better than that around Valentine's Day.

As the two guys destined to fight for the love of Sam weave in and out of her dreams she often has the feeling of deja vu. But while reading this paranormal romance with a love triangle I never had the feeling I'd read it all before. The premise of this novel, rooted in the anger of some very recognizable figures from Greek Mythology, was surprisingly fresh; especially the origins of Nick and Marcus who we soon find out have more in common than could be humanly possible.

This story is not lacking in backstory. The first 60% of it is a prologue of sorts as Nick, Marcus, and Sam visit each other's dreams by night and then do typical teenager stuff by day. As fate would have it (or The Fates in this case) the three main characters meet in Samantha's town after a tragic event sets a prophecy in motion. The action and character interactions in the real world pick up from there, and this story ends on a major cliffhanger that left me with more questions than answers. I should have been more annoyed, but the backstorytelling was so good I ended up being impressed instead. 

Starkey's writing has a distinct and consistent voice that made for easy and enjoyable reading. Deceived is full of funny sayings I haved dubbed Starkeyisms. For example, stupid people are called "window-lickers" and phrases like "rather brush my teeth with superglue" and "making her look like an emo clown" had me smiling. The story arc on this one is still arcing by the time it's done, but I still recommend it.