Dreaming of Antigone by Robin Bridges

*Trigger warning: This book contains content surrounding drug abuse, domestic abuse and sexual abuse.*

Andrea's twin sister Iris has always been the one with everything to live for: great friends, a hot boyfriend and a promising future. But she also had a drug problem. After her death, Andrea is struggling to move on with her life without feeling guilty about the fact that she is here and Iris is not. Add into the mix Iris' boyfriend who Andrea blames for her death and the fact that he makes a surprising entry into Andrea's life, complicating everything. 

This book combined contemporary drama, trigger-warning-worthy content, romance, astronomy and greek tragedy in a seamless way. I enjoyed this story and whilst it wasn't the best book I've ever read, it filled a gap and made me feel emotions - which is something I always look for in books. If a book can make me feel something, it's worth passing on. Taking note of the trigger warning at the beginning of this book, I would recommend reading it as it is a touching read that is fun and quick to get through, but that has difficult parts throughout. I can't wait to read more from Robin Bridges!

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