Echo of Sight by J.F. Robbins

Echo of Sight by J. F. Robbins is the semi-autobiographical story of a Californian teen, Roland, who partially loses his sight. During his senior year of high school, he must learn to cope with his impairment with help from his family, friends, and Alex-- his school aide who's not afraid to challenge him to still see the beauty in life.

This book was so good. The narrative of the main character, Roland, quickly drew me in. He was authentic, vulnerable, and funny. His insecurities, hopes, and triumphs became mine as I read his story.

The pacing was great! The first pages introduce the conflict of Roland's sudden loss of vision. How he copes and his interactions with other compelling characters-- in particular his aide Alexandra-- move the plot right along.

Echo of Sight is YA Contemporary fiction at its finest: Real people dealing with real issues, and growing up in the process.

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