Ensnared by Rita Stradling


Ensnared is a Beauty & The Beast retelling and boy does it put a new technological twist on the classic fairy tale. Alainn's father develops robots for a living and he created Rose, a prototype that looks exactly like our protagonist Alainn for a high-paying customer. In order to save her father from a prison sentence, she enters into a castle in Rose's place to live under the power of an emotionally and physically scarred recluse, where no other humans are allowed and everything is ruled by technology. 

This book was really creative and had me hooked on the story, imagining it being a real-life situation I was watching play out in front of me. AI is an interesting concept in our society today as it's becoming increasingly advanced so this story line was good hook and didn't feel too far out of the realm of realistic. However, I do have a problem with the romance in this book. Without giving away any spoilers, the romance felt so boring and not actually based on anything. The romance itself was very one-dimensional and I felt disappointed by how this aspect turned out. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I have read it almost nine months before the publication date, so there may be some severe edits in the mean time, but it would be interesting to see the final copy and if it differs from this.

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