Fallen by Lauren Kate


So you would be forgiven for thinking that you’re about to read another Twilight. There’s no denying that it is a rehash of the usual formula, new girl at school, dark and mysterious boy, girl likes boy, boy seemingly hates girl. However it works.

Luce starts her new reform school with a dark secret, one that even she can‘t fathom. She soon becomes consumed with Daniel, the mysterious boy who seems unwilling to even give Luce a chance. As she delves deeper into the secrets that surround the enigmatic Daniel she soon realises that there is more to their rocky relationship than even she could imagine.

I am a sucker for these kinds of books (give me a doomed romance any day!). But I’ll be the first to admit that they get a little repetitive, the story really needs to pull me in to distract me from the obvious plot lines. Fallen did the trick for me, with enough wit to balance the overly sentimental passages that frequent the novel.

Thankfully, the character of Luce was not your typical, tedious, romantic heroine. Although she doesn’t stray far from the stereotype, there was enough about her to keep me on side. What I really appreciated in the novel however was the author’s attention to all the other characters in. Usually the ‘friends’ in a book become an afterthought, badly constructed and with barely any substance, I tend to find the supporting characters in these novels usually quite transparent. However in Fallen the supporting roles really work to prop up the storyline, I think that without them the story may have fallen (see what I did there) a little flat.

To all romance loving, fantasy living, YA readers out there I thoroughly recommend this book. With its well written and well thought out plot I think it definitely deserves a read, even if you are a Twilight hater. I think Fallen manages to take the better bits of its genre and create an intriguing and genuinely likeable story.  

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