Five by Caroline Greyling

Five is a coming of age urban fantasy about a teen who, due to some startling paranormal events, is forced to leave her beloved South Africa and live with her grandma in Forest of Dean, England. She struggles with her heritge, her destiny, and, of course, her love life.  
This book was a showcase of how to create vivid imagery with words. The five senses snippets at the start of each chapter were an engaging way to set each chapter's tone. The characters' ties with, and their reverence for, the nature around them was conveyed beautifully through the author's descriptions of the Forest of the Dean. 
Five is a paranormal romance with a blatant love triangle. Blatant because within the same chapter all three players in the relationship meet, and just like that-- things get very interesting. The dynamics of the triangle were fun. Physical, paranormal, and emotional bonds all factored into the characters' decisions.
Fans of paranormal romance will fall head over heels for this one.