Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

*Trigger warning: Girl in Pieces has very strong themes of self-harm. Read with caution*

I think it's a great idea to go into this book not really knowing much about the storyline - apart from the above trigger warning, which is very important as this book can be extremely difficult to read at times - and I promise you will be blown away. For me personally, this book was very hard to read as I have suffered with self-harm issues my whole life, but I've read reviews from people who haven't suffered with these kinds of mental issues and who still found it very hard to read. 

I would highly highly recommend reading this book. If you've been through some of the issues within this book, you will feel less alone by the end of it, and if you haven't been through any of these issues, it will open your eyes and give you a very personal look at those who self-harm and what goes on in their heads. The first and third parts of this book were the hardest for me to read, but the whole thing in general was so powerful and beautiful and I cannot recommend it enough. 

Please pick up this book. It is the book to read in 2016. 

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