Girl Without a Face by Medeia Sharif

Destiny awakes with amnesia and after returning to her strict, restrictive home with her mother, she begins to question why this reclusive lifestyle feels so different to her personality. With only a phone she can't access due to a pass code, a memory of a memorial marker near her crash site and a helpful neighbour to assist her with getting her memory back, Destiny learns things about her new life that will change her world forever. 

I have so many mixed feelings about this book, I'm not really sure where to start. Unfortunately, with this one, the cons outweigh the pros, but I have read some other reviews from people who rated this book really highly, so please check those out before deciding whether to read this book. 

- The twist was pretty transparent from the very start of the book. I kept hoping it would be misleading us and we expected the twist, then were given something completely different, but the story played out exactly the way I knew it would and I didn't particularly find that enjoyable. 
- The writing style of this book. It felt very explanatory, but it's hard to explain exactly what I mean by this. The speech felt unnatural and the writing style itself felt very stiff, taking me away from the story regularly. 
- It felt patronising in a way, having every aspect of the story being explained to the reader as though we can't understand the implied twists and plot lines ourselves. I noticed this quite a few times and felt that a lot of things didn't need to be explained as though an alien from another planet was reading this book. 

- This book was really short. I sped through it in one sitting and I was fairly grateful for that. 
- The concept is a really cool idea and the twist would make a good story, if it had been done better. The idea itself (without giving away spoilers) is pretty creepy and if done well, could have been a really shocking, intriguing story line. 

As I said, there are plenty of positive reviews for this book, so if you think the premise sounds interesting, do go ahead and check it out, but unfortunately this one just wasn't for me.

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