Glimmer by Tricia Cerrone


Glimmer is a thrilling adventure set in the near future and it completely took me by surprise! Sunnie is a H+, raised at Camp Holliwell, she knows little about the outside world and even less about who or what she is. Naïve and desperate to please those around her, Sunnie lives day to day under the supervision of scientists and soldiers never questioning her confinement or unusual surroundings. She is submitted to constant testing both physical and mental, which she agrees to happily…at least until one simple question throws Sunnie into a world of uncertainty.

This book peels back the layers of a corrupt government with the fate of a teenage girl at its centre. However Sunnie is not the only character who embarks on an adventure, Seth, Graeme and Georgia are an integral part to the plot. These four lives collide in a way that none of them could have expected. At times though the constant change in perspective can be a little dizzying. It can jump quickly from character to character in quick succession, however, this does keep up the excitement and suspense during the climax of the novel.

The narrative style works well, Cerrone manages to provide genuinely different voices for her multiple characters. It is quite a long book, but it is well paced. It wouldn’t have been the first novel I’d read that was overly long and messy, passages everywhere with no relevance. However Glimmer doesn’t do this, every chapter has a point, it carries the plot and I think carries it very well. Occasionally I did find myself on the brink of putting the book down but it would recover quickly and pull me back in.

Sunnie was unsurprisingly my favourite character although I did have a soft spot for Seth! Despite her naivety at the beginning of the book she shows courage, cunning and depth of character. Her lack of experience is endearing and pushes the novel further as she seeks to learn more not just about herself but about the world.

The book was a great read and thankfully not another carbon copy of The Hunger Games or Twilight (although I do love these books). The book completely holds its own in the YA genre and produces a strange mix of tech, thriller, romance and adventure, inevitably though it is a book about teen angst and self-discovery (as all good YA books are). To its benefit this book is not set in a dystopian world, instead it cements itself in a very near future with possibilities that don’t stray that far from our imagination. Perhaps that is why it is so gripping, it is unrealistic and perfectly realistic at the same time.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I highly recommend it, if it doesn’t sound like your usual cup of tea then step outside your comfort zone and read it anyway…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. With the climax to the novel setting up a sequel, I’m hoping this book will be the start of a great new series. Hopefully, the excitement of Glimmer can persist in any future novels.

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