How Many Letters Are In Goodbye by Yvonne Cassidy

Rhea is dealing with loss - the loss of her arm, her mother, her family, her identity and her home. When she runs away, she's forced to survive on her own, telling her story through a variety of letters to her mother. 

This book was really long, and it definitely felt like it dragged on forever. I felt as though the events in the story were so disjointed and only there to create a darkness within the main character who seemed a bit melodramatic. I had no connection to Rhea at all, and didn't really care what happened to her, which meant from around 40% onwards, this book was painful to read. I feel as though the book tried really hard to be emotional and hard-hitting, but for me it just wasn't. 

I have read some good reviews about this book so I would highly recommend reading those before making a decision as to whether or not you should read this book - unfortunately, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

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