It's About Love by Steven Camden


Luke meets Leia. Same film studies course at college, different backgrounds. One is middle-class and one is from the rough end of town, they couldn't be more different. But their love of film brings them together and a London story of the struggles of both characters ensues. 

It's About Love sounded right up my street when I read the synopsis. A contemporary romance about characters who loved Film? Perfect. But something held me back from getting attached to this book, and I think it was the male POV. It distanced me from the characters and I felt more drawn to Leia than Luke, and I wanted to know more about her but felt her storyline was somewhat lacking.

Whilst this book is pitched as a strong romance about two characters who are meant to be together, it didn't quite play out that way. The romance aspect was a lot more played down than I expected, so much so I would barely describe it as a romance. I still enjoyed reading this book, but feel as though the male POV affected my reading experience and others may enjoy it more than I did, as there are no flaws in the book that I can pinpoint, it just wasn't particularly for me. 

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