Killer Instinct by S.E. Green

I had such high hopes for this book and whilst I still really enjoyed it, it had potential to be much better. Lane is a typical teenager, she works at an animal hospital, loves martial arts and has a loving family - despite always being at loggerheads with her sister. But Lane has a dark obsession with serial killers and criminals in general, spending hours of her time observing them in order to punish them in a way she sees fit. Lane knows she has a dark mind and openly admits throughout the book that she is obsessed with these killers because she feels she may be just the same as them. With her mom and step-dad both working for the BAU of the FBI, I was positive I would love this book. As well as being fascinated with serial killers and psychopathology myself, I'm also a huge Criminal Minds fan. (A fictional TV show about the BAU team of the FBI.) Being such a huge fan of this show, it seemed unrealistic to me that both parents were home quite a lot, when other media shows this career would mean a lot of travel and working away from home. This was a little issue I felt I had with the book, but other than that it was gripping and an exciting read. 

I've heard this book described as a "teenager girl version of Dexter" (the popular TV show about a serial killer who works alongside the police to solve murders), and I kind of agree but at the same time I think that's what the author was trying to achieve, as it was almost too similar. The language used and the way the sentences were quite abrupt and to-the-point seemed very Dexter to me. However, I do understand the lack of empathy and this way of speaking/thinking are the traits of a psychopath, (referred to as 'the traits of a serial killer' in the book, although that seems like the wrong terminology to me, since psychopaths have traits, serial killers are much more diverse) something Lane is convinced she is.

The mystery of the book was gripping and whilst not having a ton of twists and turns, there was enough to keep me interested. The ending of the book did surprise me, although once the twist was revealed, I felt I should have seen it coming as it was quite obvious. It's impossible to read the book and not attempt to guess who the mysterious "Decapitator" killer is. After the twist was revealed, however, I wasn't sure how I felt about the actual ending to the book. It felt slightly rushed to me and I'm not sure I liked the events or the way Lane reacted to them. If you've read this book, please message me so I can talk about the ending! If you haven't read it, I'd recommend picking it up if anything I've mentioned in this review sounds interesting to you. 

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