Let Me Die in His Footsteps by Lori Roy

In 1952, Annie Holleran went out to the well in forbidden territory to look into a well, fulfilling a local ritual in which she would see the man she was going to marry in the reflection of the waters. The Holleran's don't go near the Baines property ever since a death happened decades before but desperate to see if the ritual will show her fate, Annie sneaks to the property to see but when she comes across a dead body, it opens up a world of questions about the past that Annie had never anticipated. 

In 1936, Juna Crowley (Annie's aunt) came of age and with her dreams of marrying one of the seven Baines boys fresh in her mind, Juna watched as Joseph Carl committed acts that resulted in lives lost. The two stories intertwine and as Juna comes back, the town must prepare for the truth about what happened all those years ago. 

Let Me Die in His Footsteps is a suspenseful southern gothic thriller unlike anything I have ever read before. The book draws parallels between good vs evil throughout, at times more subtle than others, but the theme is ever present, accompanied by a dark style of writing that I really enjoyed reading. The writing style is one of my favourite aspects of this book, as it envelopes you in emotion and imagery, becoming a part of you as you read. The experience of reading this book is exactly that - an experience. I've seen a few reviews where people say the scent of the lavender fields almost drifts off the page and I couldn't agree more, this comment wraps up more than just the lavender aspect, it explains much more. I would recommend reading this book, purely for the imagery, and that cover!

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