Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

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A fast paced, intense novel that will leave fans of all genres on the edge of their seats long after the final page.

Little Monsters follows the story of Kacey, the new girl in the town of Broken Falls. She does everything with her best friends Bailey and Jade; until one night when they go to a party without her. What follows next is Kacey’s worst nightmare as she finds out Bailey never returned home that night. Kacey’s world is filled with questions: Could the story of the ghost of the Red Woman be true? Is something sinister hiding in Broken Falls? And the most important; What really happened to Bailey on that fateful night?

The opening paragraph of this book completely blew me away. It was filled with horror, action and the perfect amount of suspense that instantly begins to immerse you into the story. Right from the start, Kara’s writing style pulls you in, and grips you until you can’t help but devour the entire book.

Young Adult Horror books are sometimes difficult to balance, with the main story sometimes getting lost within the “horror” aspects of the book. This book however, definitely balanced everything out perfectly. The characters were some of the best developed I’ve read about in a while, and they all worked together so well to create the overall narrative. I couldn’t help but be suspicious of everyone at different times, and I empathised with every emotion Kacey went through, which is always the sign of a well created character.

The individual diary entries that were included throughout the book were such a welcome addition, and added another level of suspense to the story that I never anticipated. It was brilliant to be able to see the story from multiple characters perspective at once, and the unique use of an inner narrative of Bailey, the missing girl, was incredibly effective in the mystery overall. It left me wanting more every time I put the book down.

Throughout the entire of the book I couldn’t stop thinking up theories as to what happened at the night of the party, and long after I finished reading, I was always thinking about the next time I could pick it up again. I could barely put it down because I was so completely immersed in the story that I needed to find out what happened next.

The ending was absolutely spectacular, and left me feeling emotionally ruined in the best way. Overall this book was an emotional rollercoaster from the first page to the last. Filled with brilliant world building, character development to leave you in awe, and a perfectly balanced mixture of paranormal horror and a potential murder mystery, this book is definitely one to watch out for.

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