Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End) by Cecelia Ahern

‘Love, Rosie’, by Cecelia Ahern, is not so much a book. Well, it is a book, but it’s a collection of letters, postcards, emails and notes made into a book. These notes etc. are sent between Rosie and her best friend, Alex, from the time they are seven years of age until they are well into their adulthood.

Rosie and Alex have their whole lives planned out. Alex is going to be a doctor and Rosie is going to own her own hotel. They have it all worked out until suddenly Alex’s dad gets a job in America and Alex has to move to Boston, away from Rosie. You think this distance would end their friendship. After all, Ireland is a long way away from America, but Rosie and Alex make it work. They keep in touch through emails, calls and letters, their friendship remaining strong. Alex plans to come over to Ireland for Rosie’s Debs (Prom). Rosie plans to move over to Boston to do her course in hotel management so she can be close to him. Neither of their plans work out.

Alex has trouble getting a flight to Ireland and he has to cancel last minute. Rosie, extremely disappointed, goes to the Debs with another guy, a guy they both hate. One thing leads to another and Rosie ends up pregnant, thus ruining her chances of going to college in Boston.

And so begins their adult lives of what-ifs and throughout the book you see that their friendship is not just friendship. They are in love with each other. However, time is not on their side and something is always going wrong when one or the other is about to express their love. And so this book is filled with broken hearts, missed chances and a love that is extremely hard to ignore.

I don’t know how to describe my love for this book. It was everything I had hoped for and more. It made me laugh, huff with anger and cry. It just made me feel content with life. It’s hard to find a book that does that. I am by no means saying it is my favourite book of all time. To be honest, I don’t really know why I loved it so much. I just found it so simple yet so heart-wrenching. The storyline was just so beautiful. When something goes wrong for them, you feel their pain. The fact that they love each other but don’t say it to one another hurts YOU.

 I didn’t want it to end. But then again I did. I wanted them to suck it up and finally say what needs to be said. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. I wanted them to have a happy ending! The events in this book are so shocking and you feel like screaming at the characters. At times I just had to put it down, I was so angry. The ending then had me a blubbering mess. It made me angry, sad and happy all at once. If you have read it, you will understand me. At least I hope you will. This book is not necessarily YA. Then again, I don’t think there is an age restriction. It wasn’t rude or explicit. It goes from when they are younger, through their teens and into adulthood. It’s a love story, simple as.

I loved this book! If anyone has read it please tell me what you thought of it in the comments below. :) Would love to know that I am not a complete sap and that it affected others too. ;)

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